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Cheong Wai Quan | Vice President

“Devote your time and energy to positive … people and thoughts!” - Carl Jung.

“So true! In life, we must embrace new prospects. I chose to start anew in a career to help my clients build solid foundations for their children’s education funds and they become financially-free. 

The misconception is if one has not achieved certain goals at certain times in one’s life, it’s too late to start. Yes, you may not achieve the same wealth compared to someone who started investing decades ago but you won’t accomplish anything if you refuse or are too afraid to take the first step.” 

Insightful life lessons gained from being an entertainment and lifestyle reporter to business writer, emcee to lecturer and marketer to business owner enable Cheong Wai Quan to share empowering experiences with clients on her journey to becoming their financial buddy. 

Leveraging these life lessons with Success Concepts’ sound financial advice, Wai Quan is positively impacting her clients to take charge of their financial health. The path to financial freedom can be straight and narrow or one filled with trials and tribulation so journey with Wai Quan on the road less travelled to get closer to your financial goals. 

Wai Quan earns her BA in Journalism and MA in Sociology from USA and is amassing gems from her CFP study to make the trip an adventure!

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