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Success Stories

Trust and faith has been the basis of my relationship with Joyce, added on by her sincerity and integrity in her profession, knowing that one's investments are in really good hands.

With her expertise and experience, she will bring forth the returns and of which she succeeds in doing beyond expectations.

Many thanks to Joyce for making our lives much richer, not just in dollars and cents but also in appreciation of life and friendship.

Jenny Hew

"Joyce has helped me grow my assets really well and given me peace of mind in the world of investments which oftentimes presents complex choices to be made.  Her simple yet effective dashboards allow me to feel the pulse of my portfolio."

Jerome Welch

"Joyce has been a great help taking my husband and I through our financial planning steadily through the years.  She always takes the trouble to explain and is never ever pushy!  We are not big risk takers so working with Joyce is good because her approach is to make our portfolios grow at a steady pace."

Datin Badrunnisa Mohd Yasin Khan

Credit Card Debt Situation

I was plagued by a credit card debt for the last 10 years.  With Amelia's guidance, I found the light at the end of the tunnel by negotiating a settlement that stopped the interest payments and being focused on channeling all my energy to the repayments. After being on track for the last 2 years, I have successfully closed the debt chapter of my life.

I am now committed to be prudent about my cashflow and spending habits.  With Amelia's continuous support, I am now setting a new goal to acquire a home of my own.  Thanks to Amelia for her patience and her belief in me.

Karim (pseudonym)